play bus

The play area includes:

A large slide along with deck climbs, foam peaks and biff bash.  Crawl tubes, activity panels, web decks and spider webs to go through, dangly snakes to navigate past and a wobbly mirror to look goofy in! The Mobile Play Barn also plans to have a specialist sensory area for babies and disabled children in the very near future too.

Although a member of our team will be present for the duration of the hire, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the children are supervised at all times. We cannot be held responsible for the safety of the children whilst aboard the bus; the onus is on the client to ensure that you have a sufficient amount of adults available to look after the health & safety of the child whist on board the bus.

When the bus arrives prior to the party starting, we would ask that you try to have as much space for the bus to park as possible, the driver will need enough space to manoeuvre the bus and park it safely without restricting other road user’s access.

It is very important that if you don't think it's possible for the bus to park outside your home or somewhere on your street, we would suggest that you book a car park as close to your home as you can find or perhaps a local park or open space or maybe even a relative’s house who may have more space than you do. You are responsible for any fees incurred for parking the bus at an alternative location. When the bus is parked safely and the driver opens the doors for the children, that’s when the fun begins and your hire slot starts!

Once the time slot is finished, the children will carefully exit the bus, meaning the kids will have been entertained and your house will be tidy too! No party mess to clean up!

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